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4P Academy is a Canadian based company devoted to taking student scientific education to the next level.

Through private tutoring and advanced courses we seek to excel in developing Canada’s future STEM professionals – scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians, to take global leadership in their respective fields.

Our tutors are handpicked top senior and recently graduated university students who remember acing your assignments, tests, and exams, here ready to give you the boost you need in order to have your own success!

Meet Our Team

  • Course Instructor & Administrator
  • M.Sc. Medical Physics
Chief Editor

Lolade Odeyemi

  • Blog Editor and SEO Specialist
  • B.Sc. Mass Communication
Science Content Editor

Sofia Finley

  • Blog Editor and Biology & Math Tutor
  • H.B.Sc. Plant Science
French Tutor

Safa Khan

  • French & English Tutoring Management
  • B.Sc. Medical Sciences
Physical Sciences Tutor

Conner Zmudzki

  • Physics & Mathematics Tutoring Management
  • H.B.Sc. Physics
French & Biology Tutor

Nadine Shaker

  • Le Langage Français
  • La Biologie et Chimie
  • B.Sc. Kinesiology
Math & Sci Tutor

Sandra Ghaly

  • High school math & biology
  • H.B.Sc. Kinesiology
Math & Sci Tutor

Sheng Chen

  • High school Math, Chemistry & Physics
  • B.A.Sc. Mechanical Eng.
Math & Sci Tutor

Nathan Ferreira

  • High school Math, Biology & Chemistry
  • B.Sc. Biomedical Science
Math & Sci Tutor

David Bruni

  • University Math & Physics +
  • B.Eng Mechanical Engineer
French Tutor (Francaphone)

Caroline Baranger

  • Le Langage Français
  • M.A. Traduction 
Math & Sci Tutor

Giuseppe Jordao

  • Uni. Math, Bio, & Mechanics
  • M.Eng. Mathematical Eng.
Math & Sci Tutor

Prasanna Iyer

  • Uni. Math, Chemistry & Physics
  • M.Eng. Aerospace Eng.
Math & Sci Tutor

Chitrang Patel

  • High school & Uni. Physics +
  • M.Sc.  Astrophysics
Math & Sci Tutor

Sushma Mishra

  • Uni. Computer Science +
  • M.Tech. Information Tech.
Math & Sci Tutor

Fady Hanna

  • Biology, Biochemistry and Psychology
  • H.B.Sc. Kinesiology
Math & Sci Tutor

Sharon Samuel

  • University Math & Biology +
  • M.Sc. Biotechnology
Math & Sci Tutor

Yinan Bao

  •  High School Math & Physics
  • M.Eng. Mechanical Eng.
Biological Sciences Tutor

Avery Zenker

  • Biology & Chemistry Tutoring Management
  • B.A.Sc. Human Nutrition
Content Developer and Administrative Assistant

Nabeel Abu-Mahfouz

  • Client & Tutor Support and Test Writing
  • B.Eng. Biomedical Engineering
Math & Sci Tutor

Ajay Hosur

  • University Mathematics
  • M.Sc. Mathematics
Math & Sci Tutor

Shazil Khan

  • High school Chem & Physics
  • M.Eng. Mechanical Eng.
Math & Sci Tutor

Kelvin Oritsedere

  • University Math & Physics
  • B.Sc. Engineering Physics
Math & Sci Tutor

Maninder Sidhu

  • University Math & Physics +
  • M.Eng. Manufacturing Eng.
Math & Sci Tutor

Samantha Randle

  • High school Biology, Chemistry and Math
  • B.Sc. Biomedical Sci.
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