Arthur A. Karapetov | Founder

Hello and welcome to 4P Academy! We’re an education company targeted at building future STEM leaders.

I’m a 4th year University of Guelph student studying Biological and Medical Physics myself. I founded 4P Academy in 2020 after having tutored many students at different levels over 5 years and realizing that there must be a better way to teach and deliver education. 

We strive to employ innovative educational technologies such as LessonSpace and our elaborate teaching methodology 4PATOM to provide education that is individualized, engaging, enriching, effective, and affordable. I personally pick our tutors among the best student applicants and review their transcripts for 90% minimal grades in the subjects they will be teaching. 

As of summer 2021, we are working on publishing our STEM courses, developing an interesting and informative blog that you will want to subscribe to, and developing a STEM incubator program for students. Details on these projects will be posted to our social media channels as they become available.