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I would like to thank [4P Academy tutor] for the work he has done to help me finish my Calculus course with a 3.7 GPA. I understood better from him than from my Calc professor so that says a lot.

Thomas Greene

Student at University of Guelph

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Top Tutors in Ontario

Our tutors go through lots of training, and only less than 5% become 4P Academy Tutors. Our tutors are the best in Ontario. 

100% Profits Go To Charity

100% of our profits go to Global Brigades to bring equality of life everywhere and support the United Nations World Food Programme.

Customized Curriculum

With the help of thousands of blocks we have, now anyone can create any type of landing page in minutes. Stop wasting hours on single block design.

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Parents Love Us!

Arthur is patient and accomodating. My son loved this math lessons!


Maria Gonzalez

Very satisfied with our tutor, she is very kind and attentive with all requests and questions!


Jessica Wu

4P Academy has helped my daughter to be ahead of what is been taught in her school.


Aishwarya Shah

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Skills Assessment

Our Skills Assessment will start to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Discuss Your Child's Needs

A 4P Academy Academic Advisor will review the results, learn about your child's needs and answer questions.

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Meet Your Tutor

We’ll match your child with an online tutor who will personalize the learning program to their needs.

World Class Curriculum, Crafted For Your Child

Online Convenience

Out tutor meets with your child through our innovative online e-learing platform. Times and locations are flexible!

Diagnostic Quizzes For Each Grade

Our diagnostic quizzess evaluate your child’s performance and help us create a customized curriculum.

Daily Homework Support

Your child can send us homework questions daily, and we will reply with thorough explanations and problem breakdowns.

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