Interviewee form – NEEDS FIXING

Interviewee Writing Assessment Form

Thank you for applying to the Scientific Content Developer and Business Administration Assistant role at 4P Academy Inc. and congratulations on being selected for an interview. You were in the top ~30% of applicants!

The following form comprises the second part of your interview, where you are asked to write paragraphs as described in each appropriate entry box, each on a different topic in STEM that you think is interesting, important, exciting, and/or ‘under-rated’ and that you want to teach / let others knows about! This will help the 4P Academy team assess your writing skills, which are crucial to success in this position. Thank you for taking the next 30 minutes to help us fairly choose among candidates and sharing your knowledge! 

Please note: You are very welcome to write a full article on one or more of the topics you have briefly discussed in your paragraphs on our blog, no matter if you get the job or not. Your name appears in the article as the author and you can use it as a portfolio writing piece. You receive a permanent URL to your online publication. This also helps us teach science to our site’s visitors, so your contribution helps both yourself and our Canadian community! Submit the Contact Us form or email [email protected] to get started.

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