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Recent Articles from our Blog

Visual Communication

Why is Visual Communication an Important Information Tool?

We come across various forms of Visual Communication as we go about our daily lives, from drawings, videos, and graphic illustrations we see on social media platforms and websites, to TV advertisements, billboards, signposts, and road signs. Whichever form the visual may take, its function is always to act as an appealing and interactive form

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Bioprinting: A Fascinating Technology in Human Organ Fabrication

Over several decades, the world has continued to witness intriguing discoveries in medical science, thanks to technological advancements and their applications in medicine. However, in recent years scientists and researchers in medicine seem to have outdone themselves, especially with the discovery of Bioprinting, which enables the fabrication of human organ-like structures that allow cell regeneration.

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Is Utilitarianism a Good Ethical Theory to Follow?

The term ‘Utilitarianism’ might seem vague to many who are not familiar with theories in Philosophy and Ethics, but it is a simple concept that tries to explain what our ethical obligations are in making decisions. Over the past few decades, there has been a lot of debate over normative ethical theories, a branch of

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Environmental Health

Environmental Health: Why We Must Protect the Earth to Save Our Lives

Environmental Health has become more of an important subject of discourse globally following the offshoot of industrialization, climate change resulting from greenhouse emissions, pollution, and other environmental activities detrimental to human health and ea. Environmental health applies to humans and the earth’s entire ecosystem comprising animals, plants, microbes, and their various habitats, as well as

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Imagery in process

Imagery: An Unassuming Tool for Skill Mastery

Imagine grasping a complex, intricate skill, without actually performing the skill. Sounds somewhat improbable right? Surprisingly it isn’t, because imagery makes it achievable. Imagery is arguably one of the most under-utilized and underrated methods for skill perfection and mastery. From visualizing different scenarios to imagining experiences, imagery is not just useful for creating mental images

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